We are constantly asked “which are the best SEO certifications?”. Truth is, there are very few good quality courses teaching SEO at the moment!

There are a handful of trusted, known SEO certifications available, and a few hundred SEO courses online. Some of these courses are free, others cost just a few hundred dollars, and some a few thousand dollars!

Even more importantly, most of the SEO courses available to buy are outdated. SEO is an every-changing industry so what worked last year might not be a good idea to try this year.

No wonder it can be so hard to choose the best SEO course and certificate!

What Is SEO Certification?

An SEO certification is just like any other certification. It proves to others that you have undertook some for of training, and have passed an assessment with such a grade that you are awarded the certificate of completion. SEO certifications are usually provided by online education platforms, in-person courses, and a few digital marketing agencies have also moved into education.

Some SEO certifications specialise in specific areas of SEO, like copywriting, link building, or keyword research. The Search Ranking Institute focuses on all aspects of SEO that we believe you need to become a competent practitioner, either for yourself and your own websites, your employer, or paying customers.

One thing to note is that the majority of SEO classes will focus on Google, as will be expected due to their large market share. However, please remember that their is no such thing as a Google SEO certification. Anyone claiming to be a “Google Certified SEO Expert” are either lying, or are misunderstood.

Is SEO Certification Worth It?

There is no easy answer to the question: is SEO certification worth it? From our point of view at the Search Ranking Institute, of course we feel that an SEO certification is worth it, but we are obviously biased.

But to put things in simple terms, here are the situations we think an SEO certification is worth the time and effort, and a few situations where it might not be worth the investment.

If you are relatively new to the SEO industry, or have recently built your own blog or website and want to dabble in SEO yourself, then a structured SEO certification can help get you up to speed fast. The alternative is reading blog posts and Dicussion forums online, and trust me when I say that will become confusing and frustrating very quickly. You’ll be reading contrasting opinions from people who havn’t “been there, done that”.

An SEO Certification is also worth it if you are applying for an SEO job, or looking to pick up a few freelancing clients. Being able to show the certification on your CV, website, or social media profile will help to prove that a neurtal third-party can vouch for your SEO skills.

However, if you are proficient in SEO already, and don’t plan to do SEO worth for anyone but yourself and your own websites, then you probably don’t need to spend the time and money involved in earning an SEO certificate. You already have the skills, so you don’t need the training, and you don’t need the certificate since you aren’t planning to showcase it to land a job or gig.

Which Are The Best SEO Certification Programs

We’ve included a range of courses below, because it is tough to simple name one course and claim it is the best SEO certification available. In reality, what is best for one person might not be best for someone else. You need to take into account how much time you have to learn, the amount you are willing to spend (if anything), and whether you want to complete an exam and earn a certificate. Below are what we think are the best SEO certifications available at the moment.

Search Ranking Institute

We were kicked into action to create the Search Ranking Institutes SEO certification after hearing one too many stories about companies hiring “experts” in SEO that simply weren’t qualified for the job. The thing with SEO is that anyone can learn it online, but it’s extremely difficult to know if the person a company is planning on hiring has simply read one article on the topic and now calls themselves and expert, or has read all the skills needed to become a heavily competent SEO practitioner.

With a Search Ranking Institute Certificate of Completion, you can proudly show any potential client or employer that you have completed one of the most thorough SEO certifications available online.

Cost: $295 (view current discounts at checkout)

Hubspot SEO Academy

Cost: Free

Moz’s Free SEO Course for Beginners

Cost: Free

ClickMinded SEO Course

If I had $997 dollars available, I’d enrol in the ClickMinded SEO course today. This is a great course for people with larger budgets. It’s led by Tommy Griffith who is the previous SEO manager for companies such as Airbnb and Paypal. Yep, he’s a heavy hitter!

With the ClickMinded SEO course you’ll be required to sit a final exam to earn your SEO certification. I like the honesty on their website with the claim that “You absolutely do not need an SEO certification” and that “Most SEOs don’t have a certification”. This honesty and integrity runs through all of ClickMinded’s marketing materials, and their 14 day money back guarantee backs this up.

Cost: $997 for their SEO course. $1,997 for a bundle of courses.

Semrush Academy

Become SEO Certified

Hopefully our reviews of all the SEO courses has given you a better idea of what the best SEO certification for you may be. As mentions, it can be really tough deciding which SEO course to take, so take your time and perhaps choose one with a no questions asked money back guarantee.

To summarise a few key points before we wrap this article up:

  • There is no Google SEO certification, so don’t be fooled.
  • Most SEO’s don’t have a certification, which coincidently why it is a good idea to earn yours and stand above the crowd
  • You do not need an SEO certification. There is no governing body in this industry.
  • The goal of any SEO certification is to ensure recipients have a good deep knowledge of all the topics related to SEO, and to show potential employers and freelance clients that you have been reviewed by a third-party company, such as the Search Ranking Institute.