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The Search Ranking Institute is designed to teach anyone, regardless of their current skill level, how to increase traffic for any website as quickly as possible using simple ranking techniques that work.   👌

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An our SEO certificate becomes more popular, we have become aware of how some bad actors are claiming it without enrolling in our SEO certification course, or completing the exam.

If you are hiring an SEO expert who claims to have earned their SEO certificate from the Search Ranking Institute, and a few alarm bells are going off, email us their details (full name, email address), and we’ll let you know if they have completed our course.

SEO Pre-Employment Screening..

If you are hiring an SEO for your business, it can be tough to know whether you are hiring someone proficient in SEO, or another cowboy who could do more damage to your website than good!

With the Search Ranking Institute Pre-Employment Screening service we’ll skip the educational part of our course, and put the candidate straight into our thorough exam. It’ll take them approximately one hour, and we’ll share the results with you as soon as we have marked the answers.

Cost: One off payment of $99

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